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at Bishnupur, Bankura,     West Bengal, India
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Welcome to the Temple Town BISHNUPUR

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New Mukherjee Lodge,  at this royal and temple city Bishnupur Town  will receive you with cordial warmth hospitality. This lodge was established in the year of  2012. Since its establishment, this lodge earns its fame for their sincere service, sweet behaves, cleanliness and peaceful environment with homely atmosphere. It is located at central market "CHAWK-BAZAR" facing the great lake POKABANDH  (2  km from Bishnupur Railway Station and one km from Bus Stand Rasikganj) near the Municipality. 

Welcome to Historic Temple City - BISHNUPUR (Old Capital of  the princely estate "Mallabhum Kingdom"), Bankura, West Bengal, India. If you have interest on history or ancient culture and civilization or you are fond of nature and like to enjoy its stillness or you have keen interest on classical music, folk culture and songs like TUSHU, BHADU, JHUMUR, KHEUR, BAUL, KIRTAN, KRISHNALILLA, etc. or you have propensity towards religion and have Devine love on Lord Krishna, step up to Bishnupur (Gupta Brindabon) and stay for a few days, you will collect the memorable jewels of your life. 

Bishnupur, in Bankura District, about 132 kilometer away from Kolkata Metropolitan city,  in the north-west direction, is a municipal town of  West Bengal state, India. This attractive tourist place is known for terracotta temples and famous handloom ‘Baluchari’ sarees (common cloths for Indian women). The place is one of the prospective candidates to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the years of late 18th century, under the patronage of royal family, Bishnupur became the cultural hub of Bengal. During that period a particular style of Hidustani classical music called ‘Bishnupur gharana (school)’ and Bishnupur style of painting were developed.


The name of this region may be traced back in history during the reign of Samudragupta (c. 335-380 AD). At that time it was ruled by some Hindu king. However, the place flourished and attained its highest glory as the captital of Mallabhum kingdom. The kingdom spread over Bankura, Barddhaman, Medinipur, and parts of Murshidabad and Chhotanagpur of Bihar was ruled by the Malla kings. The capital of first Mall king Adi Malla aka Raghunath (c. 694-710 AD) was at Pradyumnapur. Malla king Jagat Malla aka Jagannath (c. 994-1007 AD) transferred his capital to Bishnupur, where it continued for almost one thousand years. He established the temple of Mrinmoyee Devi and king’s court in Bishnupur. Next important king was Hambir Malla Dev aka Veer Hambir (c. 1565-1620 CE) who defeated Pathan Sardar Dayud Khan in a battle. He was later converted to Vaishnavites by Thakur Srinibas Acharya, the pupil of Jeev Goswamin. His successor Malla kings built many Bishnu and Krishna temples in and around Bishnupur during 17th and 18th centuries.


The terracotta temples of Bishnupur are the finest examples of classical temple architecture of Bengal. Bengal style of architectures may be classified into two groups: ‘Chala’ type and ‘Ratna’ type. Bishnupur temples belong to second category, which have towers or ‘Sikhara’ resembling spires with faceted sides on the top of the roof. Depending on the number of ‘Sikharas’ the temples are called ‘Eka-Ratna’, ‘Pancha-Ratna’ or ‘Nava-Ratna’. Temple walls are usually decorated with terracotta panels of floral and geometric patterns, and also with figures depicting contemporary life and, more commonly, mythological stories from ‘Puranas’.

Established in 1951, Bishnupur Museum is the only museum in the entire district of Bankura related to art and archaeology. The museum is now under the control of the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Ministry of Information and Culture, Government of West Bengal. The museum has nearly 5000 manuscripts, 100 sculptures of the 10th-12th century CE, British history and several invaluable specimens of textiles, various photographs, and folk arts and crafts.

From microliths of the Mesolithic era to sculptures of the 12th century, the museum has an invaluable collection. This Museum accounts for the coins and artifacts from the very ancient days of rulers in Bishnupur, starting from the Gupta kings to the Pal kingdom. Also, there are contemporary art and paintings, manuscripts and rare photographs. The museum also contains a music gallery and a tribal art gallery which is often overlooked.

At our New Mukherjee Lodge, in Bishnupur, Bankura, beautiful array of facilities to ease your senses and make your stay comfortable such as parking, front desk, power back-up, wake up call, internet access, laundry and room service.

The rooms in the hotel are well-maintained, well-equipped and clean, comes with amenities such as television, telephone, geyser in bathroom, hot/cold water, attached bathroom and essential bathroom toiletries.

Have a fun filled and relaxing stay at the New Mukherjee Lodge, Bishnupur !


Delicious Food is available.




available in the lodge


Parking available free of cost.


We have a Banquet Hall  for party ( Marriage, Birthday) or Corporate Meeting, Dealer Meet, or for Training or meeting purposes. It is with a view to the PakaBandh Lake



Our Housekeeping Team cleans the rooms on a daily basis unless there is a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. 

If you want pick-up  from Railway station or bus stand, please intimate in advance.


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There are many forest zones around the town. Like Joypur forest, Khatra Forest, Shalboni Jangalmahal



Bishnupur was a Royal Princely estate. It has many Hindu Temples with Terracotta Design, and  with more than 400 years of  History.

Agriculture and Horticulture Tour 


'Travel organized around farming, Visiting a working farm or ranch for the purpose of enjoyment and education .


Ponds are incredibly special landscape features; homes to a myriad of water-loving creatures and a magnet for terrestrial wildlife.  

Badrinath Hill, Susunia Hill and Waterfall
Handloom Textile Market Tour 


Bishnupur is also home to the weavers of exquisite silk saris. "BALUCHARI"


I really enjoyed  my stay at this this hotel for a week while I was on my Trip as  Agro-industrial Project Consultant.

Kalyan Kumar Banerjee

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