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Agricultural Tourism 

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Agritourism means travel organized around farming, small-scale food production or animal husbandry.
Visiting a working farm or ranch for the purpose of enjoyment and education are key parts of this often rural experience.


"There can be little disagreement    that the fastest relief to the poor in India would come from productivity    growth   in agriculture.     This is where   nearly   half of the workforce is employed.       With the share of agriculture in the GDP at about 15percent now, this half of the workforce is also significantly poorer than the other half, employed in industry and services"


Shri Arvind Panagariya, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog

1.    Theme of the PLP -  2016-17   : Accelerating  the pace of capital formation    in agriculture and allied sector

The PLP is intended to provide insight on the potential for development   in different sectors of   the    rural     economy,      a   road      map      to     banks          for        extending               credit  to   important sectors/ activities   in the            district                      and                   for      Government Departments        and   various developmental  agencies operating               in the district   to provide   necessary   infrastructure and linkage support for the development of various sectors and also aiming convergence of their plans with those of banks thereby facilitating increased credit flow and overall development. The PLP projections given in this document based on the achievements & growth during last 03 years and unexploited potential will form the basis for banks in preparing Annual Credit Plan.

Brief narration   on specific characteristics   of the district based on District Profile

Bankura, the fourth largest district of West Bengal is located in the western part of the  state, which is popularly known as "Rarh" from time immemorial.   It has an area of 6882 and according   to the census   of 2011, it has   a population   of 35.98Lakh.   The district is surrounded   by the districts of Paschim Medinipur and Hooghly district in the east, Purulia district in the west, Bardhaman district in the  north and again Purulia and Medinipur in the South. It is somewhat triangular in shape and lies within 22° to 23° North latitude and 86° to 87° East longtitude. Bankura is drained by Damodar, Darkeswar and Kangsabati along with their   tributaries    of which Gandeswari,   Silai and Kumari   deserve   separate   mention.                    This district has a moderate deposit of coal and a number of good deposits of china clay, base material   for ceramic industry.                                  The district   lies in sub-humid    zone having total annual rainfall of 1423 mm.   The soil is mostly lateritic, light in texture   and acidic in nature.    The fertility status is also very low. The soil is light and porous in nature with low organic matter and low water holding capacity.          However, eastern and southern part of the district is more productive   than western part.         Rice is the main crop of the district.           Besides rice, the other major crops are potato, wheat, vegetable, mustard, summer til.


Highlights     of    developments/initiatives       having     bearing     on    the     flow                        of credit/market                 making role          of            NABARD,  innovative     banking           products Introduced

Overall achievement   in ACP for the year 2014-15 was 43.54% (Agri & Allied - 42.02%, mSME-38.60%             and OPS-98%).    Initiatives are underway for flow of increased institutional credit to farmers through KCC from Banks (116956 KCCs have since been issued involving an amount of ~34937.95 lakh as on 31 March 2015), better and ready availability of standard agricultural inputs, restoring soil fertility (Bankura soil being acidic), rain water harvesting, adoption    of   SRI   technology    in   cultivation    of   paddy   & wheat,   cost   effective                   farm mechanization      ensuring better production   as well as productivity.       In this context, Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern   India (BGREI), GOI Programme         is being implemented      in 22 blocks by Deptt of agriculture for different identified crops. National Fiber Mission, WSHG launched by Government of India has assumed added importance   and it is in 2nd   phase now. As at  the end of March 2015,               41308 SHGs have since been formed, out of which 34771 groups have been credit linked.                                        Further, 874 nos of JLGs and 1125 nos of Farmers Clubs have since been formed.  1 FLC under BGVB, at district level and 10 FLCs under BDCCB in 10 blocks have since been operationalised.


The sector and sub-sector wise analysis of the projections made with justifications   for variation form base PLP under the major activities under   priority   sector, for which bank loans are disbursed normally in the district are as under:-


  1. Crop Loan

Paddy, wheat, Potatoes, Oilseeds (i.e. Mustard, Til etc.), Seasonal Vegetables viz Pulses, cabbages, cauliflower, Tomatoes, Brinjals etc. are financed under crop loan in the district. Of these paddy is the major crop. A projection of ~189985.12lakh has been made.


District Level Technical Committee   fixes scales of finance for various crops every year.                                  In the meeting of the DLTC held on 21 February 2015, scale of finance for various crops have been fixed. The same has been circulated amongst the banks of the district for adherence and to avoid under/over                                  financing.   Projection under crop loan is based on the revised guidelines of SOF of DLTC.

 2.  Water Resources

Minor Irrigation   is another major activity for which the district has immense potential.   This has further improved with the implementation of   the   "JAL DHARO   JAL   BHARO" programme of the State Govt through re-excavation   of the existing water area which not only helps rise of water table but provides more water for irrigation.   However, the bank credit is yet to reach the expected level of requirement.    Pumpset,   Dugwell, Shallow Tube Wells, Low Lift Point are the activities normally financed by the banks under this sector. A projection of

~3987.78 lakh has  been made.


3.   Farm Mechanization

Farm Mechanization is a major activity under farm sector for which flow of bank credit is increasing considerably. Tractors, power tillers, threshers, etc. are major items which are financed under this sector. A projection of ~7088.13 lakh has been made. Adequate repairing

/ servicing centers for the farm equipment and machineries may be created under the Government Sponsored programmes and with the direct bank loan.


4.     Plantation  & Horticulture  (including  Sericulture)

These activities are also having very much potential in the district as indicated through research and field application that soil and weather of the district suits production of quality grapes, strawberries   etc ensuring higher returns   to farmers.   However, the flow of bank credit to these activities is not encouraging. A projection of ~3108.88 lakh has been made.


5.  Forestry and Wasteland  Development

The district has a forest cover of 148350 ha including farm forestry by individuals which is about 21.6% of the total geographical area. In view of the huge potential   of Bamboo plantation in the district, bankers   may   encourage   financing   Bamboo   plantation   in the district. The area is having tremendous potential on forestry based processing industries in addition to cultivation of medicinal   and aromatic   plants. A projection   of ~1038.78 lakh has been made.


6.  Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is the  major allied activity to which flow of bank credit is not very much encouraging.   Dairy, Poultry   farming   and rearing   of Piggery/Sheep/Ooats     are the major remunerative   activities which are financed under this sector.   In spite of this, achievement under   this  sector  is yet  to  reach  the  desired   level.  A projection   of   ~7072.15lakh,  ~199187. 9 lakh   &  ~3583.15 lakh   have   been    made   for   Dairy,   Poultry   & Piggery/Sheep/Goats/ Piggery(SGP) respectively.

7.   Fisheries

Fisheries is the major remunerative   activities to which flow of bank credit is not very much encouraging. Achievement under this sector is yet to reach the  desired level. A projection of

~2459.39 lakh has been estimated for this sector.


8.  Others (Bullock & Bullock with Cart)

Under various government sponsored programmes financing   bullock and cart is a major activity. There is considerable demand for that since average land holding of the district is small. Further,   transport   in rural   areas is underdeveloped    and bullock carts form major mode of transport for agriculture and other commodities.   A projection   of ~1307.36 lakh have been for this purpose.


9.  Agriculture infrastructure

Absence of adequate facilities for post-harvest storage, both   for perishable   and   non- perishable agriculture produce, is one of the problems associated with the agricultural production. To ensure that   the benefits   of various   production   and investment   activities accrue to producers, it is essential to have adequate   marketing   facilities   to   fetch remunerative prices. Further, land degradation is another major cause of soil erosion in the district which need to be arrested. A projection of ~29788.92 lakh have been made for agriculture infrastructure.


10.   Ancillary Activities

It is an activity which has more potential   in the district.    The district is mainly producing rice,   wheat,   maize   and   variety   of pulses   like masur,   mung,   gram,   arahar,   etc. Good investment                   opportunities                                are available   in the areas   of food processing                   industries                                     more specifically fruit and vegetable processing, meat, fish and poultry processing.       A projection of

~9109.1O lakh has been made under this segment.



With the shrinkage   in the size of agricultural   landholdings   and its inability to support   the

livelihood   of increasing   population,   there is great scope for increase in GLC flow to the MSME sector.   MSME sector holds potential   for creation of additional jobs.   A projection   of

~99303.75lakh   has been made under this sector.


12.Education and Housing

Education loan and housing is the major thrust areas where bank may think of increasing the credit flow. This will in one way help in increasing   CD ratio of the district.   A projection of

~3558.60   lakh   and   ~7317.00 lakh   respectively   have   been   made   under   Education                 and Housing.


13.Renewable Energy

The contribution   of renewable energy to the power sector has increased and is expected to increase in the future.   MNRE is targeting a huge capacity of renewable energy in India and aims to add almost four times the  present capacity by 2017. The Ministry has since revised its target of renewable energy capacity to 175000 MW till 2022, comprising 1,00,000 MW Solar, 60,000 MW Wind, 10,000 MW Biomass and 5,000 MW Small Hydro as announced in Union Budget 2015-16.   Department of Financial Services has instructed to all Public Sector Banks to encourage home loan j home improvement   loan seekers to install rooftop solar PV Plants and include cost of system in their home loan proposals.   A projection  oH'380.88lakh has been made under this segment.


14. Other

Under this category i.e loans to SHGsj JLGs, overdraft facility to PMJDY, loans to State sponsored organizations for SCjST, a projection of ~13899.70 lakh has been made.




15. Social  Infrastructure

Considering the huge  population, the district has immense potential on setting up of schools

/ colleges / pay& use toilets and drinking water projects. Bankura suffers from poor access to social sector.   There are uncovered   areas where there is no school/colleges/medical                  centres are there.                                                                    School sanitation   is required   to be taken up vigorously since schools are expected to act as the  nodal point to disseminate   the message on sanitation.                                                 A projection of ~856.00 lakh has been made under this segment.

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