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Ranibandh and Jhilimili Bankura near Bishnupur

A travel from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a magnificent revelation to impressive forest of changeable heights on both sides on the route. The Kangsabati flows through this forest and its banks are an ideal picnic spot. The watchtower at Jhilimili offers a commanding view of the surrounding area. Jhilimili is a quiet place, and makes for a pleasant getaway for city-dwellers

1. Jhilimili-Baro Mile Forest Jhilimili and Sutan Forest also known as “Baro Mile-er Jungle” is 45 KM away from Mukutmanipur and 70 km from Bankura Town. There are viewpoints scattered throughout the forest from where you will get breathtaking landscapes. You will be happy to have a talk with king sized trees like Sal, Mahua, Shimul etc. Don’t miss the chance to see live painting sessions by plenty of butterflies in nature’s canvas. Monsoon comes here in lively green attire. Relive your childhood with rain dancing with the Monsoon’s beat. There is also a particular road for elephants across the jungle.

2. Sutan Lake Sutan lake is 7KM within Jhilimili Range. Here the forest is rich with different species of fauna and distinctive flowers and seasonal birds. To be the cherry on the cake, a vibrant peacock may come into your sight for a golden glance. Not only tourists, bike riders also live their moments while passing the road through the jungle as it feels like hilly terrain. This virgin forest is connected with the Dalma forest range via Dooarsini and looks like Southern Dooars for its unspoiled luxurious greenery.

3. Talberia Dam It’s a nature tourism destination at 6 KM away from Ranibandh. The total road is covered by deep forest and tribal villages. It’s a charming spot for visitors to have some quality time spent.

4. Rimil Eco Tourism Center Basically it’s a place for accommodation at Jhilimili. This Govt. guest house runs on private lease. The place is very decent. You will feel a village flavour at Rimil eco tourism center. Beside the resort there are also several tribal villages. If you want to stay at Jhilimili then rimil eco-tourism is the best option for you.

How to Reach Jhilimili:

By Air

The nearest Airport to Bankura is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport at Durgapur city (100 Km) or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata which is about 212km to Bankura. From there, you can take a cab, bus or train to Bankura. From Bankura, you have to take cab or bus to Jhilimili.

By Train

Rail distance of Bankura from Kolkata is 233 km. Trains from Kolkata are available for Bankura on regular basis. From Bankura, you have to take cab or bus to Jhilimili. Alternatively Bshnupur Railway station.

By Road

Bankura is well connected by road with Kolkata and surrounding towns like Asansol, Durgapur, Burdwan, Panagarh, Bishnupur and other parts of the state. From Bankura or Bishnupur , you have to take cab or bus to Jhilimili.


Ranibandh is an unexplored weekend destination situated in Bankura district of West Bengal. It is surrounded by dense forests of sal, mahua, palash and arjun trees. The area is mostly inhabited by the tribal people. Although some private hotels have recently come up at Ranibandh but the experience of spending a night in the Forest Rest House is truly unique. Here at Ranibandh, you will wake up to the chirping of birds instead of the horns of motor vehicles. You can take a leisurely walk along the village road to end up at the local market. The lush greenery, peace and pollution-free environment of Ranibandh makes it ideal for spending a lazy weekend away from city rush.

Ranibandh is a community development block in Bankura district’s Khatra subdivision. This administrative division of Khatra in Bankura in West Bengal is served by the Ranibandh police station with its headquarters at Ranibandh. If you are traversing the distance from Bankura to Jhilimili (a tourists attraction in Khatra subdivision of Bankura perched on the hill top—primarily known for its picturesque natural beauty featuring dense forests), Ranibandh will be found exactly at 40 kilometers and Mukutmanipur at 18 kilometers.

Mukutmanipur is one of the beautiful attractions, located near this city. The Bankura (BQK) railway station is located nearby (placed 16.5 kilometers away). The nearest airport is at Kolkata (173 kilometers away). Besides, Mukutmanipur (a famous backwater getaway in West Bengal), other centers of attraction are Jamshedpur and Bishnupur (known for its heritage and culture).

Ranibandh remains a “natural” spectacle spreading across a good 7100 hectares, covered by around a dozen of hills and trees or vegetation like Palash, Arjun, Amlaki, Bahera, Piyashal and others. It is also home to several tribal groups including “Mundaa”, “Orao”, “Bhumij”, and “Shantaals”. You can view the God of these tribal groups perched on the peak of the hill/mountain. The cascading “Kangsabati River” flows by the side of the hills/mountains as well—thus adding to the overall beauty of the place. You can arrange for a quick tour to the nearby Taalberia from Ranibandh as well. If you are really looking forward to a quiet weekend sojourn, then Ranibandh can be an affordable option.

For tour program planning contact Hotel

New Mukherjee Lodge

Pokabandh, Bishnupur, Bankura

Phone 8250623299, 9614472230

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